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Stepan Razin

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The Stepan Razin Brewery represents a two hundred year beer brewering tradition that has been interrupted only during the two world wars and the Bolshevik revolution.

Stepan Razin has since been acquired by Heineken

A selection of Stepan Razin products - with their marketing description:-
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Stepan Razin Student - beer bottle label

Strength: 3.5 % abv
Gravity: 10 %

The latest addition to our product line, this pleasing, non-filling lager offers beer drinkers the popular taste of a light, dry ale. Barely perceptible citrus-like top-note. Special Czech hops.

Stepan Razin Strong - beer bottle label

Strength: 8.2 % abv
Gravity: 17 %

A new sort - since December 1999. Light beer with pure taste and aroma fermented of a malt drink and easy wine smack. Called Krepkoye in Russian.

Stepan Razin Admiral - beer bottle label

Strength: 4.4 % abv
Gravity: 12 %

Our brewmaster's all-time favourite. Extremely harmonious effect on the palate. A traditional pilsner brewed with the costliest Czech hops. Ideal beverage to accompany cheeses or flavourful meats like smoked ham. Called Admiralteyskoye in Russian.

Zenit the champions 1984
Stepan Razin Zenith - beer bottle label

Strength: 5.2 % abv
Gravity: 13 %

Light beer. A new sort - since 1999.

Stepan Razin Peter - beer bottle label

Strength: 4.8 % abv
Gravity: 14 %

A remarkable lager whose natural ingredients and brewing method create a uniquely pleasant bouquet. Some beer drinkers note a hint of spiciness, others say the aroma reminds them of a gentle breeze in a pine woods. Called Petrovskoye in Russian. The brew's mellow and satisfying taste is due to an extra special variety of yeast.

Stepan Razin Special - beer bottle label

Strength: 4.0 % abv
Gravity: 10.6 %

Another connoisseur's delight. Distinctive, earthy tones lend it special character. Stepan Razin's best-selling beer. This traditional lager enhances the enjoyment of food when served with a meal. Brewed exclusively with barley malt.

Stepan Razin March - beer bottle label

Strength: 4.4 % abv
Gravity: 14.5 %

Originally intended as a springtime refresher of extraordinary crispness, this dark amber beer, called Martovskoye in Russian, is a particular favourite of our brewmaster, who brews it year round. He has even suggested that this beer's sublime taste and bouquet merit the dedication of a sizable statue in its honour. This beer's original recipe dates back to 1861.

Stepan Razin Porter - beer bottle label

Strength: 7.0 % abv
Gravity: 20 %

A highly distinctive porter that has also won gold medals. Although this brew has all the malty caramel characteristics of a classic porter, it boasts a bright, faintly fruity finish remarkable for a porter. Long-lasting head comparable to a stout; perfect for a half-and-half. Visitors to Berlin's annual Green Week Festival quaff our Porter with particular relish

Stepan Razin Kalinkin - beer bottle label

Strength: 7 % abv
Gravity: 18 %

An elite beer drinker's beer, Kalinkin has been awarded gold medals at the International Beer Competition and the Brewers Industry Trade Show in both 1996 and 1997. This amber-coloured bock beer may best typify the classic taste of real Russian beer. The recipe for this elegant brew originated over a century ago. Unusually pleasant hoppy bouquet and a perceptible winey finish. Kalinkin's ingredients conform to the sixteenth century German brewmasters' code. A strong beer with a hefty flavour, Kalinkin is not for the timid. Also available on draught.

Stepan Razin Golden - beer bottle label

Strength: 5.6 % abv
Gravity: 15 %

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