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Toilets (WC/Bathrooms)
in Saint Petersburg

Fundamentals first - the symbols used to indicate the genders are:-

Symbol for women toilets in Russia Ladies Symbol for men toilets in Russia Men

Public toilets (WC, bathrooms, restrooms, the crapper or whatever you want to call them!) are found around the city, whether in basements of buildings or stand-alone structures, either way they are usually in poor hygienic condition. But when needs must…and with little or no alternative then this doesn't seem to matter!

Toilets are usually "maintained" by an attendant who will ensure the 5 to 20 rouble charge for using them is paid. But the last thing you need when desperation sets in are delays, and fumbling around your pockets for coins is not an option!

Alternatively - if you happen to be passing a hotel then the advice is to use their facilities. Darting into toilets of bars and restaurants is another choice but their staff generally get quite annoyed with this practice.

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