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Internet Connection
in Saint Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg offers many options for checking email and connecting to the Internet either using the numerous Internet cafés or by purchasing an Internet card. Wireless Wi-Fi is also available and spreading giving yet another option, although ‘hot-spots’ are not yet in abundance.

There are many Internet cafés in the centre especially along the main thoroughfare, Nevsky Prospect. The larger ones are open 24 hours - all have good connections, comfortable surroundings and are reasonably priced.

Caution:Property theft from Internet cafés is common practice, secure any bags and belongings and try to be vigilant.

Private internet access
For those staying for a longer term there are numerous ISP's (Internet Service Providers) offering ADSL packages, although the paperwork and time required to organise this can drive you crazy. However, if you intend renting an apartment in St. Petersburg it is recommended that you confirm that there is an internet connection - and that it is working!

The Internet country code for Russia is ".ru". St. Petersburg based sites have their individual indentity ".spb.ru"

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