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Saint Petersburg, Russia

Calling (phoning/dialing) St. Petersburg Russia

Russia's international dial code telephone number is 007 (or +7) while St. Petersburg city dial code telephone number is 812

Therefore to dial St. Petersburg from outside Russia would be:-
007812[+local number]

International Dialing from St. Petersburg Russia

8 Out of city code - wait for a second dial tone before continuing

10 Out of country code

44 International number code - example given for the UK

Followed by [city code] [local telephone number]

To dial Moscow (from St. Petersburg):-

8 -wait for tone- 495 [+local telephone number]

Note:- The dialing code for Moscow was changed from 095 to 495 in December 2005

International calls from St. Petersburg Russia do not have to be booked, international direct dial (IDD) is the norm - calling (dialing/phoning) St. Petersburg Russia is just as easy.

International Phone Cards

To significantly reduce phone costs when making international telephone calls there are numerous companies offering phone cards of varying time denominations. The idea being you dial a special local number followed by a series of accessing codes and then the international number. It sounds a lengthy process but it's really straight forward and the instructions are usually in English.

Cards are available from many places - kiosks, stores, banks and post offices.

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