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Cash Point Machines, ATMs
in Saint Petersburg

A typical cash point machine ATM - known as bank-o-mats in Russia

Automatic Teller Machines (known in Russia as "bank-o-mats") are becoming ever more popular and frequently found in hotels and in or around large stores. Their menu systems have an English language option.

If a cash point machine rejects your card or fails to authorise a transaction then try another machine from a different bank. Even though they accept major credit cards some cannot cope with particular international issued ones - you will eventually find one that is not fussy.

Depending upon your card - Russian Roubles, US dollars or Euros can be dispensed from machines. The maximum amounts are stated on it and may range anywhere from 1000 to 20000 roubles per transaction.

Your credit card company is likely to charge a nominal cash advance fee per transaction.

Tip:Don't be paranoid but always assume you are being watched. When the cash is dispensed do not (unless in a private style booth) do the classic mistake of counting it all in the street! Quickly put it in a secure place and do it later in a safer area away from prying eyes. It's also worth re-distributing larger amounts into smaller bundles into several pockets.

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